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The relationship between drug addiction and mental health disorders is clearer than ever before. The newest research shows that the link between drug use and common co-existing mental health disorders is stronger than we previously thought. Simply put, a surprising number of addicts have a common co-existing mental health disorder that needs to be treated in Phoenix dual diagnosis drug rehab centers if there is ever any hope for sobriety.


What Is a Common Co-Existing Mental Health Disorder?

The name says it all. A common co-existing mental health disorder is simply a mental health disorder that is commonly seen in those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.

Another name for this phenomenon is dual diagnosis. This is when both the addiction and the mental health disorder are diagnosed together. The addict is then capable of seeking treatment for both problems at once.

Chances are very likely you'll never recover from drug addiction if you don't treat the underlying mental health disorder as well. You need to treat both at once if you ever have any chance at true success.

Mental Illness and Addiction

Nearly any mental health disorder can influence drug addiction. However, depression, PTSD, and anxiety are at the top of the list.

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in addicts. Many addicts actually turn to drugs to fight off depression in the first place. Unfortunately, drug use tends to just lead to more depression down the road. This creates a cycle that is hard to beat.

PTSD is another mental health disorder commonly seen in addicts. Like depression, many of those with PTSD turn to drugs to help cope with their symptoms.

Anxiety is yet another mental health disorder that commonly co-exists with addiction. Those suffering for it turn to drugs and alcohol for the same reasons as those suffering from depression and PTSD. It's a form of self-medicating, an attempt to block out the anxious feelings with substance abuse.

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