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One of the most difficult steps in recovery from addiction and substance abuse is having the courage to admit you have an alcohol or drug addiction in the first place. If you suffer from an addiction to opiates, heroin or pain killers, completing drug detoxification may only be the beginning of your battle to stay sober. The ability to sustain a recovery from opiate addiction may be particularly difficult for some individuals who suffer from long-term symptoms of withdrawal and present a high risk for relapse. Nevertheless, the experienced professionals at Phoenix treatment centers will provide the medical and psychiatric services that will be able to help you manage a sustained recovery.

Medications for Long-Term Recovery

As part of a complete drug treatment program, Suboxone and Methadone may be used to help you manage an opiate addiction and reduce the symptoms of opiate dependence. Used during the maintenance phase, both medications must be prescribed by a physician who supervises your addiction treatment. If you've had problems with relapses, you may be a candidate for these helpful medications.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Recovery Tools

If you've used opiates to manage stress or the emotional disturbances of a mental illness, it's essential to learn how to recognize the emotional triggers that compel you to self-medicate. By learning to identify the situations and cues that push you to relapse, you may be able to construct a good plan of support and resist urges to use. Cognitive therapy may give you a new perspective on how to handle stressors and successfully manage triggers with a solid plan for relapse prevention.

Individual and Group Therapy

No one recovers from addiction alone, and experienced therapists understand the importance of individual counseling and group therapy sessions. With the support of your peers and counselors, you will learn to embrace sobriety that brings you a new, rewarding life. As an introduction to a lifetime of sharing and learning with others who relate to your challenges in recovery, your group therapy sessions may introduce you to 12-step programs that help you sustain a lifetime of sobriety in your local community.

Even if you've tried numerous times to stop using opiates or other drugs, don't give up.

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