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OTC Drug Abuse

Why over the counter medication is not necessarily as safe as you may think. Learn more about OTC drug abuse....   Over the counter medication (OTC) is easy to access, fairly economic, and aimed to treat several ailments without the need of a formal prescription. However, precisely these same... Read More

Help with Alcohol Phoenix

Learn about the Help with Alcohol Phoenix, Arizona Has to Offer...   Phoenix, Arizona can be a great destination for anyone enamored by the great outdoors, desert wildlife, and the unique lifestyle that states like Arizona and New Mexico can offer their residents. Unfortunately though, life i... Read More

How Long Does Vicodin Stay in Your System

Do You Know How Long Does Vicodin Stay In Your System And What Effects It Has?...   Vicodin is a controlled narcotic (available by prescription only) that combines acetaminophen and hydrocodone (opioid pain medication). While acetaminophen is a less effective pain reliever - works better as a... Read More

Phoenix Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab

The relationship between drug addiction and mental health disorders is clearer than ever before. The newest research shows that the link between drug use and common co-existing mental health disorders is stronger than we previously thought. Simply put, a surprising number of addicts have a common co... Read More

Phoenix Opiate Detox Treatment

There are a wide range of symptoms that accompany opiate withdrawal. The longer the drug has been used and the heavier the use was, the more problematic and severe the opiate withdrawal symptoms are likely to be. Drugs like heroin, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, methadone, and others all have similar... Read More

Phoenix Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Phoenix cocaine addiction treatment centers offer rehab programs for drug dependence. In the United States alone, over 35 million American adults have reported using cocaine at some point in their life. Cocaine continues to be one of the most dangerous drugs and contributes to over 448,000 emergency... Read More


An addiction intervention is held when a meeting of people concerned about the abuser's addiction and well-being gather to plan a strategy and offer assistance in the form of drug or alcohol treatment. The group has the goal of demonstrating the connection between substance abuse and the negativ... Read More

Rise In Suicide Among Phoenix AZ Veterans and the need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

226 Arizona Veterans committed suicide in the past year some in very violent ways. The need for mental health treatment has never been more urgent. Call Drug Treatment Centers Phoenix now at (602) 466-6019 to get the help looking for rehab centers you need. Help for substance abuse is out t... Read More

If your Loved One Refuses Addiction Treatment

You're aware that your loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, however he or she refuses to get addiction treatment or even worse, refuses to acknowledge that a problem with drugs or alcohol exists. It's heartbreaking to watch a person you love destroy himself or herself with drug or alcohol ... Read More

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