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Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a potentially fatal disease that people have suffered from all throughout history. The disease of addiction only affects about one in every ten people. There have been many studies on the subject of addiction, and there are not always clear indicators as to who will become addicted to a substance.

Some people become addicted to a substance from the first time they try it. There are those who drink for the first time and instantly cannot control their obsession and craving for more. Others may have had no issues with alcohol drinking problems for many years, until a traumatic event happened. People can be genetically predisposed to addiction, or the long-term abuse of alcohol can turn alter their brain chemistry and result in them becoming an alcoholic.

No matter what the origin of someone's drinking problems may be, they suffer from the same entry level symptoms. They have lost the power of choice when it comes to drinking. The mind and body of an alcoholic becomes dependent on alcohol, and they cannot moderate the amount that they drink once they start.

Addiction Recovery

Treatment and recovery from addiction to alcohol has been studied for hundreds of years due to the widespread and frequent use of the drug. Like other illnesses, such as cancer, when treated early enough and properly there are better chances of recovery from addiction.

At alcohol treatment centers each client will go through an evaluation process conducted by an addiction specialist. Once they're able to determine the severity of their addiction, they can plan the detox process. The symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol can be very uncomfortable and potentially fatal, but clients will be under medical supervision throughout detox.

When they succeed in detoxing the mind and body, the rehabilitation process can begin. The effects of long-term alcoholism damages brain function, and are the primary source of most mental health symptoms that an alcoholic will experience. They provide clients with various types of therapies to help retrain their brains in order to prevent relapse upon leaving treatment.

Many people are living happier, healthier lives in recovery from addiction, and you can too.

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