Substance Abuse in Phoenix AZ

Substance use and abuse is a problem that has lingered as long as humans realized that certain natural and synthetic substances could produce different feelings when interacting with the body. It is not a modern problem, but it is a problem. Where there is substance abuse and misuse, there is the potential for addiction and dependence, which will take you down a path from which it is difficult to walk away.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Drug abuse and misuse is the act of taking a substance, be it legal or illegal, in other than the intended way or often enough to produce addiction. Eventually, addicts who abuse or overuse drugs wind up with a drug problem. You could be doing something as seemingly innocuous as taking pills for a toothache and wind up addicted to a drug.

What Does Substance Abuse Do?

As mentioned, drug abuse can lead you to become addicted. Drugs can have dire consequences, such as overdose, from a single misuse, and addiction leads you into even more dangerous territory. If you have a drug problem, you increase your risk of overdose simply by abusing drugs more often. Your drug abuse and misuse will eventually lead to health problems. Addiction typically also leads to emotional problems, money problems, family problems and so much more. Add to that the consequences of breaking drug laws, and you could be looking at a life ruined.

How Do You Stop Abusing Drugs?

There is only one way to stop abusing drugs, and that is to stop using them. If you are an addict, you know that sounds a lot easier than it is. Thankfully, you have the option of checking into an abuse treatment center or utilizing outpatient services to get clean. While it's not easy, it is much easier than going it alone.

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